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This Bank’s Euro 143.8 millions (US USD 160 million , University of Silicon Valley. or equivalent) Safe Schooling and Distance Education Project loan to the Republic of Turkey is enhancing the capability of the education system to offer e-learning in a fair and equitable manner for children in school in the aftermath of and during the COVID-19 pandemic as well as future events. Game Design Art Game Design Engineering. The project comprises three parts: Rasmussen University. 1)) Emergency connectivity and the IT Infrastructure to Support Education during Emergencies that funds the expansion of Turkey’s online learning platform; Accounting Business Business Management Business Intelligence Specialization IT Project Management Specialization Logistics and Operations Specialization in Digital Marketing Specialization in Sales Management. and 2) Digital Content for Safety and Quality that provides products and services, Graphic Design. as well as consultants, Early Childhood Education and Child Children with Developmental Special Needs. training and minor refurbishments to help aid in the delivery of distance education; Health Information Management Health Sciences Healthcare Administration Specialization Medical Administrative Assistant Specialization Pharmacy Technician Specialization. and 3) Institutional Capacity for Education Technology Resilience that will increase capacities for coordination of control and evaluation, Criminal Justice Paralegal. monitoring and assessment for the Project and to ensure the ongoing provision of secure and fair online education and services. Computer Science Cyber Security Data Analytics Information Technology Information Technology Management Network Systems Administration Software Application Development.

The project also includes equity-based interventions targeted at students who are most susceptible to loss of learning due to closing of COVID-19 schools. Saint Leo University. Initiatives to address gender-based differences in requirements for distance education and risk mitigation are also included as well as its monitoring indicators that are broken down according to gender. Accounting Business Administration: Additionally it will boost the daily use of the distance education platform to more than 12 million students in the K-12 school and offer online training that is certified to over 900,00 teachers. Accounting Logistics Management Specificization Marketing Project Management.

The situation in Lao PDR , Criminal Justice Criminalistics Specialization, in 2011-12 the percentage of children aged 3-5 years old from the lowest quintile had a good grasp of reading and math. The Homeland Security specialization. This funded by the IDA Early Childhood Education (ECE) Project (2014-2020) which covers 32,000 3-5-year-olds across 22 target districts across Lao PDR has changed this. Elementary Education.

In the course of the project, Human Services. more than 70 percent of children have benefited from having access to ECE programs in the villages targeted and more than 82% of teachers have received training and feedback based on observation of classrooms. Computer Information Systems Computer Science Computer Science – Information Assurance Cybersecurity Information Technology Software Engineering. Evaluations show significant improvements in the number of students enrolled as well as nutritional outcomes, Liberal Arts Liberal Studies Sociology The Applied and Clinical Inequality and Diversity. and the quality of learning due to the project interventions.

Psychotherapy: Its Higher Education Quality Improvement Project in Peru was a part of the country’s National Education Project 2021, Clinical/Counseling Developmental Experiments General Research. that adopted a plan to improve the value and quality of higher education through the creation of an assurance system for higher education quality. Religion. system (HEQAS) that provides an assurance framework for both the higher and basic essay writing education levels. Abilene Christian University. The project offered support to 135 higher education institutions among them 20 came from among the 50 universities in Peru and 115 came from the country’s 370 public institutions. Child and Family Services Child and Family Services – Child Life Specialist in Communication Sciences and Disorders Health and Human Performance Healthcare Administration Healthcare Administration – Change Management Healthcare Administration – Public and Community Health Psychology. In 2013, Applied Communication Applied Communication – Healthcare Communication Applied Communication – Organizational Change Christian Service and Formation Organizational Leadership. only 5percent of the most deprived households in Uzbekistan had children in preschools.

Criminal Justice Information Technology Administration Integration Studies Management Management – Human Resources Management – Leadership Management – Operations Marketing Marketing – Analytics. Because of the Improving Pre-Primary and General Secondary Education Project in July 2019, Florida Tech. more than 100,000 children will benefit from the half-day school program in 2420 rural kindergartens, Accounting. which is approximately 49% of preschool schools and more than 90% of the rural kindergartens across the country. Applied Psychology Applied Psychology/Child Advocacy Applied Psychology/Clinical Psychology Applied Psychology/Forensic Psychology Applied Psychology/Organizational Psychology. The project is based in Burkina Faso, Aviation Management. Chad, Business Administration Business Administration/Accounting Business Administration/Computer Information Systems Business Administration/Healthcare Management Business Administration/Management Business Administration/Marketing Human Resources Management Management Marketing.

Cote d’Ivoire, Computer Information Systems. Mali, Healthcare Management. Mauritania, Columbia Southern University. and Niger In Niger, Business Business Administration Finance General Hospitality and Tourism Human Resource Management Information Technology International Management Management Marketing Project Management Sport Management. Mauritania, Criminal Justice Administration Arson Investigation Forensics. Mali, Health Care Administration – Emergency Medical Services. and Cote d’ Sahel Women’s Empowerment and Demographic Dividend (SWEDD) project is designed to increase women’s and adolescents’ empowerment; Fire Science. expanding access to high-quality reproductive, Health Care Administration – Emergency Medical Services. child, Information Systems and Cyber Security Information Systems and Cyber Security Homeland Security. as well as maternal healthcare services; Business Administration – Human Resource Management Human Resource Management. and enhancing regional knowledge sharing across the globe.

Business Administration Business Administration Information Technology Information Systems and Cyber Security Information Systems and Cyber Security – Homeland Security Information Technology. Insuring girls education and keeping them in school is an essential first step to open up opportunities for women living in the Sahel.

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